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About Us

Data Driven is based on the core belief that business understanding, insight and strategy are best built on a foundation of consistent and reliable information. We thrive on providing services which enable clients to identify and leverage information assets, design dynamic marketing databases, and apply marketing technology to impact marketing objectives.

Data --> Information --> Knowledge --> Intelligence --> Actions

Another core belief is that use of data, increasing “data awareness”, when applied to the business is an evolutionary journey for all organizations. There is continual learning, change/adaptation, and increasingly common understanding within a business for who the “customer is” and how important data are in continuing to improve the success of the business and the ability to serve and retain customers and attract future customers. Managing and nurturing this change process, technically and culturally, is critical for long term success of data driven, fact-based, decision making.

Data Driven aims to provide effective and appropriate solutions at the lowest cost, with the least complexity; we strive for simplicity of design, maintenance and execution. We strive for organizations to adapt and redefine processes, improve staff skills, and for organizations to become more “data aware”.

Our offerings include consultancy services in marketing analytics, segmentation, multi-channel campaign management, database design and technology solutions.

Al Frowiss

Data Driven LLC



P.O. Box 2335

Littleton, CO 80161-2335

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