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Data Driven for a Lifetime - Welcome!

Greetings to all. Thanks for checking out the Website.

Data Driven LLC was borne out of a life long interest and excitement for getting dirty with the data, and developing fact-based answers about what we are and could be. For me the fascination with data started in 8th grade Science class with a teacher (Mr Woodruff) who had us measuring plant population density in an open field, and then calculating correlation coefficients. At University, I was fortunate to take extensive coursework in Econometrics and Business Forecasting from two professors who later were awarded Nobel Prizes in Economics (Engel & Granger) and other great professors at UCSD (Ramanathan, McMenamin).

From there, I was lucky to get hired by a fellow named Jim Shaffer, at a small data/information company called National Decision Systems (Jim later co-founded Targus Information, now Targus/Neustar). This turned out to be "the once in a lifetime" company, with fast growth, many successful products, state of the art technology, and the opportunity to work side by side with great industry experts in Locational Analysis, Market Segmentation and Marketing Technology sales. Many of these former co-workers are now senior and executive managers in Marketing Analytics, Database Services and Information Industry companies throughout the U.S.

For the past several years, my focus has been on systems, technology and services related to delivering marketing technology capabilities to companies with a thirst and need for access to their own data. With technology convergence happening all around us ... IT outsourcing, big data, business departments owning technology initiatives, emergence of SAAS/PAAS, this is a great time for Data Driven LLC to be offering its experience, expertise and insights.

Hope to hear from you soon!.

Al Frowiss

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