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Welcome to Data Driven LLC

Data Driven specializes in providing services for campaign automation, product & services evaluation, and the design of databases for managing customer and market information. From start-up initiatives to on-going managed services programs, we are eager to help you make the most of your database and data driven programs!

We offer broad expertise in the areas of data mining, marketing analytics, segmentation, multi-channel campaign management and technology solutions. We've worked extensively in providing data driven solutions in NewsMedia, Finance, Telecom, Insurance and Retail sectors from small businesses through to Fortune 500 corporations.

We specialize in planning and simplifying complex data integration tasks and designing multi-channel campaign consumer touch-point processes. We also build deployable database solutions utilizing off-the-shelf software products and services with MS Office (Excel, Access), MS BI, Reporting Services and MS SQL.

Data Driven Decisions LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered under in the state of Colorado, USA.

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