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Data Driven provides services in a several areas related to use of marketing databases and marketing technologies.


On a project or on-going basis, we conduct detailed analysis for consumer and market opportunities. These services provide simple reporting and measurement tools, comparative analysis or geographic reporting on key business factors and success. We also offer expertise in use of market segmentation techniques, planning for GAP/opportunity strategies, evaluation of time series analysis and trends, and development of market models and customer profiles.


Often, the best and most actionable data already exists within your own business systems. We assist with initiatives to identify these data sources to build your first marketing database or to enhance an existing database. We design processes which integrate data sources from billing/subscription systems, web sites, loyalty and new movers programs. We bring years of practical experience to this foundational investment that will help your team avoid many of the pitfalls of dubious searches for the Holy Grail.


We live in the age of big data, more data than we can keep up with, making it challenging to examine and gain insight from. With our expertise in data quality and management, we organize and standardize disparate sources of data, consolidate and merge, into workable sets of information. Through data hygiene best practice, standardize merge/purge routines and data normalization/denormalization processes, we enable you to spend more time analyzing and taking action, and less time wrestling with the data.


Shopping for analytics, digital/email services, campaign management tools or database services? We can pull together best of breed, end to end solutions that work. Need a translator to speak "tech talk" with your IT department to get access to your own data? We have the skills and tech-know how to expedite your requests and get solutions operational. Our services aim to enable your team to focus on what they do best and free up your IT staff to keep core systems operational; we'll do the heavy lifting.

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